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Duke Pennell began professional editing in 2010, working with both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. In 2011, he earned a Top Ten place among Book and Ezine Editors in the Preditors & Editors annual poll. The authors he has worked with have good things to say about him. Here are some unsolicited samples:

"I have so much wanted to work with a good fiction editor and I do believe I've found him!"
Amy Hale Auker
"Winter of Beauty"

"When I look at a book, I am amazed at the teamwork and detail necessary from the author's inception to the printed book. The reasons I wanted to work with Pen-L Publishing is the final product. It shouts quality. Clear, sharp print, creative design, team flexibility, and spot-on editing."
Nancy Hartney
"Washed in the Water: Tales from the South"

"I've learned a lot about writing through Duke's editing, but I've learned even more about rewriting. He's given me a better education on ways to rewrite and improve a story than any professor I've ever had, and he's truly a pleasure to work with. He doesn't just edit my transcripts – he cares about the content and cares about my goals and efforts to grow a writing career for myself. I would highly recommend Duke to anyone looking for a quality editor."
Amy Weir
"44th Flight"

"Your corrections in the Owl Dreams manuscript are spot on."
John Biggs
Grand Prize winner of the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

"I was just reviewing edits from Thursday night's writers group meeting and felt compelled to send you a quick note and let you know how grateful I am for your expertise and editing that you provide every time you look over my manuscript.

"There were a few things in particular...that I didn't want to omit but didn't know how to fix the POV issue so I wouldn't have to do so. Your edits showed me how to make it work.

"You do such a great job at catching things and notating them, many that no one else does. Thank you for always giving your attention, focus, and skill to each page. I know it's more than just me who benefits and improves her writing because of it.

"We are blessed to have you there!"
Heidi Tankersley

"I'm learning more from this [editing] than any creative writing class, so keep up with the criticisms . . . your work makes my work better."

"Many authors would like to have the reader believe that the final product being enjoyed is theirs alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. . . . A good editor improves a story and a good writer learns to become a better writer by accepting the editor's efforts on his or her behalf. It was my good fortune to have Duke Pennell assigned to edit my book. Certainly this story is much more effectively told now than before, but more importantly for me, the things I've learned through his mentoring me on this first effort will serve me throughout my writing career, however long that may be."
Dan Chamberlain
"The Long Shooters"
#2 Best Seller in Amazon Kindle Westerns

" . . . [Duke has] the ability to not just improve the writing, but to make the person a better writer."
Pamela Foster
"Bigfoot Blues" and "Redneck Goddess"