Let Duke
help you!
Line Editing – $4.00 per page. Details.

Copy Editing & Developmental Editing:
Send me 10 pages or 10% of your manuscript for a free estimate. I'll go through it, return it with all edits marked, and give you a no-obligation FREE estimate. Once we both know what will be involved, we can begin work.

Manuscript formatting – $0.25 per page, $10.00 minimum.

Kindle formatting – contact me for an estimate.

How many pages do I have?

All fees are based on a standard page. The generally-accepted standard manuscript page will be in twelve point Times New Roman or Courier font, with one inch margins on all sides, and will have two hundred fifty words.

Most word processors will give a word count for your document. To determine how many standard pages you have, take the word count and divide by two hundred fifty. The result, rounded up to the next whole number, will be your page count.

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